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The Trend of Small Weddings

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

A couple of years back I did a Toronto wedding with less than 20 people and absolutely loved how non traditional and personal the day was. It got me thinking about how the trend of doing smaller weddings will likely come to play with the ongoing concerns regarding the COVID pandemic. I think this trend of tiny city hall weddings will be a really unique and fresh way of looking at weddings and that non traditional can be so much fun and just as beautful.

I wanted to share a little about this tiny micro wedding that was big with emotion, fun,

spontaneity, and unique photographic moments.

I first arrived at the brides location and she did her own makeup and even did the makeup of her friends. They didn't have a traditional bridal party. They just had immediate family at their

locations while they were getting ready. Her brother videotaped the wedding for her on his phone all day. I highly recommend to always have video, even if its not professional. You will be so happy you did!

We decided to utilise their amazing apartment rooftops view of Toronto to do their first look.

The site was breathtaking. Truly a spectacular view of an incredible city. His expression when he saw her the first time was so sweet and she cried, pulling out his hanky to dry her tears. Cue the waterworks.

I stood back and gave them some time to drink in their moment and then we did a few portraits together.

We grabbed a cab together and then walked to the city hall to register their paperwork. We grabbed a few shots in the meantime around city hall which is just an amazing place to photograph in general.

Grabbing an uber!

They were hungry so of course did the most Toronto thing ever and grabbed some street meat together.

It was cold but the sun was out and gave us some pretty beautiful strong light.

The ceremony was really precious. The best time was when they both broke down together in tears. SO special. I just loved this moment.

The bouquet toss was for her friend who was getting married that year. It was so adorable.

So they gathered with friends and family and we did a quick walking shot before heading into town. We grabbed a few shots by the iconic Flatiron Building and they went to grab some shots at Firkin Pub. They then planned to meet up with friends at another pub for dinner. Plain and simple. Intimate and special, perfect and wonderful.

This day for me was so refreshing, I would want to replay this day over and over again because of how perfect it all was. At the end of the day, it was about couple madly in love and doing it their own way.

In 2020 we might be seeing a new trend of micro weddings and I say. Sign me up. We got this.

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