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The Art of "Getting Ready"

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

All Getting ready sessions are emotional, intimate, raw, authentic, touching and honest.

There is so much to document at this time of the day, I always recommend everyone have coverage of this part of the wedding day. Here are a few pointers on how to start your day and ways to get the best images

Firstly have all your details in a pile. The most commonly photographed details we get requests for photos of are the invitation, both sets of rings, shoes, clutch, jewellery, bouquet, and any momentos that are part of your special day.

My suggestion is to always have a pile of what you want photographed to be placed in a small pile in a corner so that we can come in and start photographing your items without having to interrupt your moments on the day of to find anything or to even ask questions.

We always want to be able to photograph things as they naturally play out. So we tend to take a fly on the wall approach and try to capture the most honest unposed moments of the day. Oftentimes this part of the day is such a blurr you remember so little of it until you look back on the photos.

Much of the moments we love to collect for you are getting the dress down, getting dressed, opening presents or reading a letter from your partner.

A beautiful heartfelt written letter from the groom to the bride. That is the best present to open for the day. I highly recommend you each write a letter to eachother for the day of.

Doing first looks. Whether you are seeing a parent for the first time, a sibling, bridesmaids or grandparents. Doing a reveal is a MUST DO with the people you love. The results are the most emotional moments captured.

The other thing we recommend is to make sure there is a room in the house that is near a big window that is clear of clutter that can be used for portrait time.

Make sure to have champagne to pop at some point during the day, and to schedule your day so that you can sit around and enjoy the time with your favourite people. This is the beginning of everything wonderful. Make sure to photograph it.

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