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Happily Ever after with Twins

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I have known this couple for quite a few years now. I have been able to cover most of their milestones over the years. Engagement, Wedding and more recently birth announcement, maternity and newborn. Finding out that this couple were being blessed with not only one perfect baby but TWO was just the most exciting news. When she texted me her ultrasound picture to me, I literally shed tears.

The next exciting peice of news came via facebook at the gender reveal video they posted that not only showed pink, but also blue confetti in their balloon pops.

I mean can it get any more magically fairy tale perfect?! It reminds me of a Steve Miller song with lyrics

"Cause the timing is right

For walking in the moonlight

I have certainly found

I'm ready to settle down

We'll have a boy for you

We'll have a girl for me

Come on, baby, we'll raise a family"

The two littles arrived a bit early and so I headed over to their place to do a lifestyle newborn session. I asked if they would be interested in doing a "white session" and brought a white lace gown, and white twin outfits I purchased online. They were game and of course delivered with their cute selves and amazing outfits for us to play with. Here are my favourite images from the session.

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