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A Double Wedding with Twins

Florals @terribakker from @bakkerlanefarms

Sisters are the best friend you grow up with, especially when you start out being wombmates.

This is certainly the case with this set of twin sisters, who despite sharing their day and their bridesmaids, were able to create unique styles of their own and have their own moments to be the "bride."

One of the most touching moments was seeing the tears roll down her sisters face when she saw her getting into her dress. Though the morning was full of opportunities for complete chaos, it was totally the opposite of what you would think a double wedding would be. It was calm, super laid back, totally organised and very relaxing.

We made time for champagne pops, some cheers and some spec

The getting ready session was like every other, just done twice. We tried our best to ensure they both had their own special moments, and their own photo session with details.


Jessica's style was a boho inspired loose bouquet. Her lace overlaid dress was made even more spectacular with a heavily beaded veil. It was a show stopper for sure.


Jaynee's bouquet was full of vibrant colours. It was such a happy bouquet, bright bold and romantic. The beaded detail around her sweetheart neckline were so stunning and added beautiful texture in photos. Since the girls grew up with the same crew and did everything together it made total sense they would "share" bridesmaids. So they were all in each of the girls wedding party photos.

Their walk down the aisle was very special for their Mom and Dad, and every detail they put into decorating the family farms outdoor space made for spectacular views from every vantage point.

They chose to have their photos done before their ceremony so they could have a beautiful sunset ceremony. When the lights started to come on, my heart was in heaven. This is simply a photographers dream. How could they create a beautiful family home into something this wonderful. I was and still am in amazement.

The girls created this beautiful circular wreath as their ceremony arbours. I don't know if they realised it would create a perfect picture frame of them at the time, but it sure worked for me. Click!

Each of the couples had their own vows, while the other couple sat so they still had their own moments during the ceremony.

My favourite part of the day was watching each bride sign for each other. What a wonderful way to share the special bond of being twins. To not only get to be married side by side but to also play the role of maid of honour for one another. This wedding needs a part two for blogging. Great Idea Jen!

Part two to follow.

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