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Scarborough Bluffs Boho Engagement Session

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

If you have never been to Scarborough Bluffs, you should. It is gorgeous. From lush greenery that looked we were in the middle of Hawaii, to the large cliff faces overlooking a sandy beach. This place did not disappoint. We drove from Waterloo and caught some traffic so it took us 2 hours to arrive onsite and as soon as we did this torrential downpour overtook us and we had to stay hidden in our car for about 30 minutes while it came down. We shared chinese food, joked and chatted with our couple but I was secretly thinking the whole time.. we planned a sunset session... we are losing light WE ARE LOSING LIGHT! I tried to stay positive and calm but I knew our session now would be somewhat rushed.

When we started to walk towards the park we could see most of it was flooded but this couple plodded on with the best of spirits and the whitest of sneakers.

At one point we had to wade through rushing waters but I didn't photograph that because I put my gear all in my water protective gear afraid I was going to slip in the mud and get my gear totally wet and destroyed.

When We arrived to the beach there was this serenity, and smell in the air that always brings me nostalgia after a storm. This freshness... this earthyness.. We photographed them walking along the beach, chasing eachother, slow dancing and then wading into the water. We had about 10 minutes of time before we had to walk back. Dusk was already upon us so I photographed the whole walk back to the parking lot.

There was such a vibrancy to the greens after the rain, It was really spectacular and though we planned for a sunset shoot at the beach our plans had to be reworked with the weather. We still had one more place to visit before heading back home to waterloo.

and so we headed to our cars and off to one more spot. But we will need another blog for that. :)

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