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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I blogged about being rained out for our Scarborough Bluff session and running out of time.

The plan was to arrive at the at RC Harris Water trearment plant and get the sunset across the water. But because the day started so late it was getting dark when we arrived. We had to change our plans and think on our feet. What to do.... What to doooooo!

Well as soon as the sun hit the ground we had to scramble and so I decided to pull my van up and shine my high beams on them.

Yes, this was completely lit by my mom van. I was so grateful I thought of this as we really didn't have an external light set up for the amount of darkness this place got with out the aid of streetlights.

I had one tiny video light in my bag so we could shape the light and get some backlighting which I am always striving for. The shoot seems so much more cinematic with the rental of this vintage mustang. I am not a car person but Daaaaaaaaang.

I really loved being challenged and then having the opportunity to shoot totally differently than I normally would have. It really helped me grow as a photographer as well as give me a chance at photographing some really cinematic and stylish people in a light that really told their story and "shone a light" on their style.. See what I did there?

At one point we had some onlookers. There was a woman sitting in her window with her phone out recording us. so I asked them to shine their lights on us and we got this shot that totally shone through the lace gown and created an awesome body silhouette.

Point of this story is... face the scary, go with the unplanned, and try something you haven't yet. It might just be your favourite shoot ever.

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